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The law firm of Diaz & Associates P. A. assists financially troubled homeowners in the Eastern portion of New Jersey, from Passaic and Bergen County, through Hudson, Union, Middlesex and Monmouth County all the way south to Ocean and Atlantic County. We have worked hard and thoroughly for your neighbors in their struggles to keep their homes. We continue to be successful in our endeavors for many others, and would be pleased to include you as one of our success stories.

We work hard and diligently for all our clients, and are very proud of both our accomplishments and the manner in which we achieve them. We are always professional, and maintain the highest possible degree of integrity. If you live in any part of Eastern New Jersey, Diaz & Associates P. A. stands ready to help you avoid the jaws of foreclosure.

The following pages are a compilation of material which includes information that will address most of your concerns and perhaps eliminate some of your worries. Look these pages over to gain valuable insights on the various aspect of Home Mortgage Modification, and how it may be the answer for which you are searching. If you are ready to obtain our help, use our contact form or give us a call. With our initial consultation being free, you have nothing to lose.


Mortgage Modification Help, Tips & Useful Information

One of the most helpful tips for New Jersey home owners, simply put, is "Avoid Scam Artists". There are plenty of unscrupulous firms victimizing distressed home owners. Asking for up-front fees can be a sign that you may be headed into trouble. » More Mortgage Modification Help, Tips & Useful Information


New Jersey Loan Modification Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Diaz & Associates P. A. provides answers to many of their most frequently asked questions. Some questions include: "What and how is a loan modified?"; "I am behind in my Payments, and the Bank says they are about to foreclose. Can I still save my home, or is too late?" and "What is the Trial Period? How long does it last?". » More Frequently Asked Questions


Loan Modification News

The law firm of Diaz & Associates P. A. focuses on providing New Jersey Mortgage Modification Help throughout the Eastern area of New Jersey. Delivering assistance to households which are having difficulties paying their home mortgage is a significant portion of our business. Our continued success in providing outstanding results is extremely gratifying. We have always maintained the highest standard of integrity and professional ethics. We are very proud of our ongoing pledge to assist our neighbors in their fight to keep their families in their homes. » More Loan Modification New



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We also have a Miami Loan Modification Attorney for our South Florida residents and a New York Loan Modification Attorney for our New York City clients.